David Benjamin

Mr. Benjamin is responsible for the oversight of the product development, innovation and research.

Prior to joining Magnolia, Mr. Benjamin worked on Walmart’s international real estate team, where he was involved in the development process of stores, offices and distribution centers in over 20 countries. Mr. Benjamin was instrumental in supporting the creation of tools that assisted the global and regional teams to quickly make higher quality real estate development decisions. Mr. Benjamin’s development experience also included a role working with Related, helping to assist their California office to develop a 55-story multifamily tower in downtown San Francisco. After years in development, Mr. Benjamin found a passion for technology and the way it impacted the real estate industry. This led him to the Director of Product at CityBldr, where he guided the company to create a suite of products sitting at the intersection of underutilized real estate and technology.Mr. Benjamin earned a Bachelor of Property (Real Estate), a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in Finance from the University of Auckland in New Zealand and an MBA from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”).