Our Philosophy

There is no one size fits all strategy in today’s investment universe.  Magnolia Capital looks to find unique situations that allow us to create and add value in order to achieve alpha return for our partners.  By focusing on assets that feature relative value characteristics and have value creation potential we are able to identify compelling investment opportunities throughout market cycles in many shapes and sizes.

  • Do not compromise on location.

  • Match debt strategy with business plan, but always focus on preservation of liquidity.

  • Always be mindful of basis relative to replacement cost.

  • Know our audience. Create product that our customer wants.

  • Understand risk— our business plans encourage upside risk but mitigate downside risk.

  • Combine experience with data analysis to make optimal, informed investment decisions.


We are seeking compelling opportunities within both value add and core plus risk profiles.

Value Add:

  • Very well located communities proximate to demand drivers

  • Middle market income demographic focus

  • Attractive physical asset with reposition opportunity

Core Plus:

  • Urban and Suburban infill locations proximate to demand drivers

  • Relative value to comparable new construction

  • Attractive physical asset with moderate reposition opportunity


target markets

At Magnolia Capital we emphasize markets that have favorable supply and demand characteristics along with above average population, economic and housing stock trends. We continually review market characteristics

Below are our current target investment markets: