Women at Magnolia Initiative

We are really excited to launch our Women at Magnolia initiative to support, promote, empower, and recognize women at Magnolia Capital.

As a company, we would like to recognize the diverse work culture we have from unique educational backgrounds, industry experience, ethnicity, gender, cultural backgrounds, etc., and we plan to continue diversifying our company as Magnolia grows and as teams grow! We follow a simple foundation of what our purpose, mission, and values are:

Our Purpose: To support, promote, empower and recognize the strong female business leaders at Magnolia Capital

Our Mission: We are committed to empowering Magnolia Capital’s female leaders to achieve personal and professional success. We strive to provide opportunities for women to connect with and support each other. We support positive initiatives, team bonding, community support, and much more!

Our Vision: We shape the future of female leaders at Magnolia Capital and provide opportunities for development, foster valuable connections, and create fun camaraderie among each other.

We are excited to facilitate meaningful approaches to networking, embrace new ways of enriching our connections, and raising awareness of our members.